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4 Home Insulation Improvements To Reduce Energy Loss And Cut Utility Costs

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If you are looking for affordable ways that you can make energy improvements to your home, adding insulation is a cost-effective solution. Energy loss can come from areas like attics with poor insulation and uninsulated areas of your home like around windows. You may want to start with your energy improvements by adding insulation to your home. Here are some of the insulation improvements that will help make your home more energy efficient:

1. Checking The Insulation And Seal Around Windows

The windows of your home can be a source of a lot of the energy loss. In older homes, windows can have poor seals around them, such as worn caulking and damaged weather stripping. You may also want to remove a piece of interior trim to check if there is insulation between the wood framing and window casing. If there is not, you will want to add insulation here.

2. Improving And Adding To Insulation In The Attic

Another area of your home where you lose a lot of insulation is the attic. As heat rises, it escapes through poor or missing insulation in your attic. To solve this problem, build shelves for storage and clutter in the attic to keep it off insulation. You may want to add a layer of insulation too if you have insufficient insulation in your attic.

3. Improving Draft Problems By Insulating Unfinished Areas

Many homes may also have uninsulated areas, such as garages, basements or additions. You may want to insulated the exterior walls of these unfinished areas to help limit heat loss. In addition, areas like all season additions should have insulated windows or treatments to help reduce energy loss. If your home has older additions, you may want to check these areas as well to ensure they have efficient insulation.

4. Encapsulating Crawl Spaces To Reduce Energy Loss And Stop Moisture

Some homes may also have the problem of crawl space areas beneath them. This can cause two problems; the cold drafts that come through the floors and moisture and humidity problems. To get these problems under control, you can have crawl space encapsulation done, which will seal this area of your foundation and protect your home from these common problems.

These are some of the insulation improvements that will help you save energy. If you are ready to start with energy improvements to your home, contact an insulation service (like Kirkland's Pest Control) to see where your home is lacking energy and needs improvement.