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4 Great Ways To Battle Pests This Winter

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Unfortunately, when the cold weather hits, annoying bugs and pests do not just pack up and head somewhere warmer for the winter. Many stick around and try to turn your home into their home for the cold winter months. Here are four steps you can take to keep the bugs away from your house this winter.

Clean Up The Leaves In Your Yard

Just because fall has passed does not mean you can't still rake up the leaves in your yard. If you still have a lot of leaves in your yard, and particularly a lot of leaves piled up close to your house, they need to be removed.

Pests love to hide in warm places, and piles of leaves can provide a great place for pests, large and small, to hang out during the winter months. Those pests hiding out in leave piles close to your home may try to migrate into your home, which is why even though it is winter, it is not a good idea to leave the leaves around your home.

Clean Your Gutters

If you did not get a chance to clean your gutters this fall, on the next clear winter day, spend some time cleaning out your gutters. Your gutter can easily get filled with leaves, sticks and other debris during the year. Just like with the leaves in your yard, all those materials can create a perfect home for small pests to breed and nest. 

You can prevent pests from turning your home into their breeding grounds by ensuring that your gutters are clean by yourself or hiring someone to do so.

Keep Your Firewood Away From Your Home

Your firewood should be stored on a solid surface, such as a cement slab, not on the ground. Your firewood should also be covered up, by a roof or with a tarp. Try to keep your firewood as dry as possible. 

Additionally, you should also store your firewood away from your house. Firewood is a perfect place for pests such as cockroaches to turn into their home, which is why you should keep your firewood stored away from your home.

Keep The Crumbs Cleaned Up

During the winter months, there are lots of occasions to host parties. Which also means that there are lots of occasions to spread crumbs around your house. Little pests love crumbs, so make sure that you wipe down all your counters after any large gathering and vacuum your house well. By taking away their food source, you make your home a lot less appealing to any potential pests that make their way into your house. 

By taking the four steps listed above this winter, you should be able to prevent pests from taking up residence in your home this winter. However, if you suffer from continued problems, contact a business, such as Sentinel  Pest Control.