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Three Landscaping Tips To Keep Your Family Safe From Ticks

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Ticks are bloodsucking insects that can transmit a variety of diseases, but you can keep them away from your family through smart landscaping choices. Here are three landscaping tips to keep your family safe from ticks.

Choose plants that don't attract deer

Deer may seem harmless, but they are a natural host for ticks. If deer are attracted to your yard, they'll bring their ticks with them. To avoid attracting deer, make sure to landscape with plants that don't attract deer.

Deer are attracted to perennials like hostas, geraniums or candy lilies, so avoid planting these in your garden. They're also attracted to shrubs like rhododendrons or trees such as the European mountain ash. Instead, plant perennials that deer don't like such as buttercups, forget-me-nots or lavender. Shrubs such as fragrant sumac, heather and sweet boxer also unattractive to deer, as are trees like paper birch and red pine.

Install stone walkways

Ticks lie in wait on foliage such as blades of grass, and when people or animals walk by, they latch on to them and feed. When you walk through the grass to get to your shed, pool, or other commonly-used parts of your backyard, you could fall prey to a tick.

To protect yourself and your family, install stylish stone walkways that connect all the commonly-used areas of your yard. Avoid creating widely-spaced paths with random stones; these type of paths are attractive, but since they still require you to walk on the grass, the aren't a good choice for people who want to stay safe from ticks. Choose a wide, smooth path that completely covers the grass, instead.

Create mulch barriers

Ticks don't like to crawl across mulch, so creating mulch barriers in strategic parts of your yard can help to keep you safe from ticks while also making your lard look more attractive. Extend a barrier of mulch a couple feet past the boundaries of your garden. This barrier will look more attractive if your garden is also covered with a layer of mulch; the barrier will look like it's a natural part of your garden and not a tick prevention device.

If there is a woodland or a wild area adjacent to your backyard — or if your neighbor's backyard is overgrown — you should also place a mulch barrier between your backyard and the wild area. This will help to keep ticks from crawling into your yard.

Smart landscaping choices can help keep your family safe from ticks in the backyard. To learn more about how you can get rid of ticks, contact a company like Cascade Exterminating Service LLC.