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The Scary Truth About Bats: Why The Furry Flyers Need To Be Removed From Your Restaurant Patio Immediately

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While some people find bats to be entertaining, and others find the fanged creatures to be downright terrifying, one thing is certain -- bats are a serious threat to your customers. Why? Because bats spread a number of life-threatening diseases to humans, many of which can be shared through direct contact and fecal matter. The diseases below demonstrate the importance of removing bats from your restaurant patio immediately.

Ebola Virus

The Ebola virus is a horrific disease, which causes severe fever. It has a shockingly high fatality rate of about 50 percent. Many researchers now believe that bats are responsible for spreading the disease to humans. Some species of bats can survive while infected with Ebola, and the winged creatures can rapidly spread the disease, thanks to their mobile and interactive nature.

Bats are basically winged human-pathogen incubators, which is why it's so important to remove them from your restaurant patio immediately.

Marburg Virus

Similar to the Ebola virus, the Marburg virus is spread by bats -- and it has a staggering fatality rate of 23 to 90 percent.

Those infected with Marburg virus experience fever symptoms, such as headache, chills, and an increase in body temperature. And as the virus progresses, the symptoms become much worse -- jaundice, liver failure, shock, and death.

Nipah Virus

The Nipah virus is another fatal disease spread directly from bats to humans. Those infected with Nipah virus often experience a fever, headache, pulmonary issues, and neurological problems.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a 40 percent fatality rate has been observed in people suffering from serious nervous system problems caused by Nipah virus.

What to Do When Bats Are Frequenting Your Restaurant Patio

With their disease-containing feces, bats are more than just a nuisance -- they're a major threat. If you find bats frequenting your restaurant patio, it's important to remove them as soon as possible. Additionally, you'll need to have all fecal matter cleaned and removed from the area; otherwise, food, tables, and chairs may become contaminated.

For a wandering bat or two, you may wish to purchase a simple bat trap, and set it on your restaurant patio overnight. However, this will not likely be enough to treat a large infestation of bats. When there are several bats frequenting your restaurant patio, call a commercial pest control expert like Frontier Exterminating Company who has experience removing the troublesome creatures from outdoor locations.