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Keeping Insects From Pestering Your Guests During Your Outdoor Event

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If you are planning a large party to be held in an outdoor area, keeping insects away will most likely be one of your concerns. When guests battle flies or mosquitoes at a party, it ends up becoming an annoyance which could very well effect their overall experience. Here are some ways you can help keep your outdoor party insect-free so your guests spend time mingling and eating rather than fleeing the event.

Wipe Down All Furniture Beforehand

It is a good idea to clean each chair or table you intend on utilizing outdoors for your guests' comfort. This will help remove any hidden webs where spiders may be present as well as any grime that may attract mosquitoes or flies. Hose down furniture the day before the party and allow it to dry in a sunny area away from grass for the best results.

Keep A Watchful Eye On Food

When food is left on a table for a while, it is bound to attract insects to the area. This can cause bacteria to be transferred to items people may eat. To avoid this, have someone present in the food area to make sure insects do not land in containers of food. Keep lids on top of containers between serving guests to help protect the contents from insect intrusions.

Use Appropriate Lighting To Divert Pests

If your event is to be held after the sun goes down, consider swapping your exterior light bulbs with yellow bulbs to help keep insects numbers low. Insects tend to congregate around bluer light sources. Yellow lighting is not seen as easily, helping to keep bugs away from the area. Turn on exterior lights with standard bulbs in areas away from your party to attract insects to areas away from guests. 

Use The Power Of Scent To Deter Insects

Purchase several citronella candles to light and place on table tops to help thwart insect invasions. Mosquitoes and flies stay away the emitted smoke, giving guests the pleasure of the scent in addition to a spot where bugs are less likely to be present. Citronella tiki torches are also a great way to add festive decor while doubling as a bug deterrent. 

Moths and other insects tend to stay away from the scent of lavender. Place bowls of dried lavender-scented potpourri in areas guests will be frequenting to help keep these pests from sticking around. Peppermint oil, in addition to other scented oils, is an effective insect deterrent. Spray peppermint oil along the ground in areas people will be using the night before your event to help clear out existing insects, like ants and mosquitoes, beforehand.

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