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3 Effective Home Remedies For Getting Rid Of Ants

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Ants can pose a serious problem to your house. They love to sneak into tiny openings in your home and gorge themselves on any food or crumbs that you've left out in your kitchen or elsewhere. If you're having a problem with ants, take the time to learn of a few effective home remedies for getting rid of ants.

Cayenne Pepper

Long known as the perfect seasoning for spice freaks, cayenne pepper can also play an effective role in ridding your home of pesky ants. Ants rely on chemical smells to signal one another, leaving a trail behind that will guide the colony to food. The presence of cayenne pepper will destroy this signal. The ants will become disoriented and confused and will look elsewhere for a food source. All you have to do is take crushed cayenne pepper and sprinkle a bit around where you suspect ants are entering your home or have taken up residence. Combine it with a small amount of turmeric powder to make it doubly confusing to the ants.


Another smell that deters ants from entering your home is lemon. While cayenne pepper operates due to its highly pungent and pain inducing odor, lemons work due to their high acidic content, which effectively neutralizes other smells. Like cayenne pepper, using lemon in your home is a simple trick. Take a lemon and rub it on the threshold of your doors and windowsills, the main entryway for most ants. Place lemon essential oil on cotton balls and place them in cabinets, as well. You can even peel a lemon and place the peels around the outside of your home, which will also serve to keep ants away from portions of your property close to your house.


Peel a cucumber and you will find that your ant problem will soon disappear. Ants have a strong aversion to bitter taste, so if they find a cucumber in your food source, they'll make sure to quickly leave your home. This method works by simply peeling a cucumber and placing the peeled bit or slices in areas in which ants have invaded your home. Replace the peels on a daily basis and you will find that, within a few scant days, the ants will have taken off.

If you have employed these DIY methods and have found that the ant issue isn't being resolved, take the time to call on a local and trusted pest elimination service. Have a peek at this web-site.