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Weird Noises Overhead At Night? Why You Should Call Pest Control Services Before Calling Ghost Hunters

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Have you ever walked into your kitchen or bathroom late at night and heard lots of scratching noises overhead? How about when you lay in bed at night and hear something running back and forth in the attic? If these unnerving sounds are keeping you awake at night, you need to do something about them. However, you should call pest control services before you call ghost hunters, and here are three good reasons why.

You Are Far More Likely to Have Animal Pests Than Ghosts

Since the word on ghosts is that they may or may not exist, you are far more likely to have animal pests running around overhead at night than ghosts. That said, you could have anything from mice to raccoons or opossums chewing, scraping and clawing their way around your walls and the ceilings, so you need pest control to get the vermin out. If you flip the situation and ask ghost hunters to come out, consider what might happen if the only things the ghost hunters find are animal pests.

You Would Still Have to Call Pest Control If Ghost Hunters Find Pesky Animals in Your Home

If you call ghost hunters to investigate your home, and all they find are a couple of crazy squirrels and evidence of a raccoon, you will still have to call pest control anyway. The ghost hunters cannot help you rid your home of the living pests, but pest control can. It just makes better sense to ask the pest control experts to investigate first.

Ghost Hunters Often Have Day Jobs and May Not Be Able to Fit You into Their Schedule

Most ghost hunters have day jobs and only do their ghost-hunting activities at night or on the weekends. That means they might not be able to fit you into their busy schedules. Additionally, if you notice a change in the activity or location of the sounds at night, it may be very difficult for ghost hunters to predict where there is a good spot for their equipment. On the flip side, a pest control expert can fit you in anytime, and he or she would quickly recognize that the change in noise patterns means that the critters you have are moving to different locations. Once in the attic, or under the eaves, the pest control expert can check all of the spots where you have heard noise and then see what kinds of pests you have.

If you suspect pests are making a home in your walls or ceiling, contact a company like Kettle Moraine Pest Control for more information on what to do next.