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4 Tips For A Pest-Free Summer

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It seems that many types of pests like to make their way into people's homes in the summer. This is because the weather is dry enough for them to be out and about all day and night. Plus, they are probably looking for water in the heat. Whatever the case, pests are much more difficult to deal with in the summer. Here are four tips for keeping your home pest-free this summer:

  1. Weed Your Yard: Many homeowners let their yards go during the summer because it's too hot to be out gardening. The problem with this is that once weeds begin to grow and the yard becomes overgrown, it provides the perfect landscape for pests because it provides shade and plenty of space to hide. It's important to keep up with yard maintenance during this time. Try weeding your yard during the cooler parts of the day, such as the late afternoon. 
  2. Mow Your Lawn: Another task homeowners are sure to overlook in the summer because it's too hot is mowing their lawn. It's important to mow your lawn because you don't want the grass to become overgrown, which is just another way of inviting pests into your home. Consider hiring gardeners to mow your lawn for you. This way, the task is done regularly and you don't have to worry about taking the time out to do it yourself. 
  3. Keep Mulch Away from Your Home: Laying down mulch in the yard is great for the summer season because it retains moisture in the soil, which helps your plants grow. However, mulch should never be laid around the house of your home. This is because mulch attracts pests due to the moisture and coolness that it provides and once they find a small entrance into your home, they will make their way inside. 
  4. Clean Your Gutters:  Now that the rainy season is over, consider having your gutters cleaned. Most likely, during all the rain from the spring season, a great deal of dirt and debris has gathered in the gutters. It's important to have this cleaned out because pests love to hide in dirty gutters. Dirty gutters are nice and cool because the dirt will retain moisture. 

When you consider these four tips for a pest-free summer, you can be sure that you can enjoy the coolness and comfort of your home in peace. If you do notice a pest problem, it's always best to call professionals, such as IPM - Intelligent Pest Management, right away who can get rid of the pests before it becomes a larger issue.