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4 DIY Methods For Getting Rid Of Roaches

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Roaches are one of the absolute worst pests that can invade your home. They are annoying, disgusting little creatures that can make your living space quite literally uninhabitable. Luckily, getting rid of roaches is not an impossible situation. Read on and discover just a few effective methods for getting rid of a roach problem. If these methods don't work due to the infestation simply being too widespread, then you should call on the services of pest control as soon as you can.

Coffee and Water Trap

Take a jar and fill the bottom with coffee grounds and water. Roaches will be attracted to the scent of the grounds, but after falling to the bottom of the jar, they will drown to death in the pool of water. Leave this out for a few days in order to attract the roaches that have made a home out of your house. This method is particularly effective for combating small infestations.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves can normally be found in your spice rack in your kitchen, and it works wonders toward repelling roaches. Roaches are surprisingly offended by bay leaves, as it has a poisonous effect on them due to the fact that they cannot properly digest the leaves. Crumble up the bay leaves and place them around areas where you suspect roaches have nested. Some of the likely areas include the areas around the corners of your counter tops, sink holes, and cupboards.

Boric Acid and Sugar

This is perhaps the single most effective combination when it comes to getting rid of roaches. Mix together sugar with boric acid and sprinkle the combination around the corners of your rooms. Sugar acts as a bait for the roaches, while the boric acid acts as the agent that will snuff them out. Boric acid essentially works by quickly dehydrating and suffocating the roaches. After adhering to their exoskeleton, it dries all of the moisture from their body as well as disallowing them to breathe. You may find that you have plenty of roach corpses to clean up the morning after spreading this deadly combination throughout your house.


As mentioned, roaches love to make their nests in sinks. This is due to the fact that they can easily access food in addition to the area being dark and moist. To get rid of roaches from this area of your house, add an entire cup full of ammonia, place it in a bucket of water, and flush it down the sinks in your home. Both the smell and texture of this combination is sure to flush out roaches hiding in sink holes.

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