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Are Cockroaches Invading Your Garage? Rent A Storage Unit To Help With Eliminating The Problem

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Dealing with pests in your home is not fun, and some pests are more troublesome than others. The cockroach is a tough creature to handle because it is hardy and can survive by eating almost anything. So, when you have an infestation problem in your garage, you really need to put a lot of time, effort, and dedication to the process of getting rid of them to make sure that it happens. An excellent idea is to rent a storage unit to store some or all of your things from inside the garage to help handle the problem.

Get Rid of Your Cardboard

When making the transition from your garage to a storage unit, you will want to get rid of your cardboard boxes. It is possible for cockroaches to live off of the cardboard that you provide for them. But, this is not the case with plastic, so you have an easy alternative solution in plastic bins. They can still provide shelter, but since you can get new bins that seal well, you can also keep them from getting inside. The key is to carefully remove your belongings from cardboard boxes to make sure they are not harboring adults, babies, or eggs, which could all lead to another problem in the storage unit that you end up renting.

Find the Hiding Places

When you clear out most or all of the garage, you will have an easier time finding all of their hiding places. The boxes may have provided the perfect hideout both inside and around them. So, removing them will eliminate the shelter and warmth that they were previously getting with ease. Putting items into storage will also help you see if there are any foundation cracks or holes that need to be fixed.

Eliminate the Eggs

Boric acid is incredibly useful to have because it is poisonous to cockroaches. You can create a border around the entire exterior and interior of the garage, and you can apply it safely in a storage unit. The best way to add this protection in your storage unit is to put a layer of it at the entrance. Then, you can put it around all of the corners of the wall, and even around the plastic bins that are on the ground. Additionally, pouring it directly onto cockroach eggs will make sure they never turn into hatchlings.

By putting these tips into action, you will have an easier time eliminating your cockroach infestation while also protecting your possessions and keeping the storage unit from getting these critters. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Hadley Termite & Pest Control Inc.