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Keeping Your Home Free of Mice During the Winter Season

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If you have had mice get into your home in the past, you will want to take steps to help keep wintertime intruders from becoming a problem when cooler temperatures become present. When the temperature plummets, mice will try gaining entry to structures in an attempt to keep warm. Here are some steps you can do to prepare your home for the onset of winter weather so mice do not find shelter inside with you.

Fill In Any Apparent Entryways

It is important to do an assessment of the exterior of your home in an attempt to fill in crevices that mice can use to gain entry to the interior of your home. Fill in cracks with caulk so they are no longer able to be accessed by pests from the outside. Stuff pieces of steel wool into larger holes or replace damaged portions of siding in their entirety to eliminate an easy passageway to the inside of your abode. Cracks under doors can be eliminated with the use of a door draft stopper, and windows should be lined with weatherstripping to keep pests from slithering into the home.

Take Time to Clean Regularly

Make sure to clean the interior of your home on a regular basis to help keep food products from being present. Mice will stick around an area where crumbs are easy to grab. Taking these away will cause them to move on to other locations to find food. Clean off countertops after each meal-prepping session, and vacuum your floors often.

Use Deterrents to Keep Mice Away

Consider keeping a cat in or on your property to help keep the mouse population at a minimum. Mice will instinctively shy away from areas where a cat is known to roam. Add some decoys of birds of prey around your property as well. A well-positioned hawk or owl statue in a nearby tree or on your porch will help keep mice a distance away from your structure.

Set Traps Outdoors to Stop Problems

If you suspect mice may try getting into your home when cooler weather arrives, setting traps outdoors will help in keeping them from getting to this point. Place several snapping or glue traps along the perimeter of your home to capture mice. Check the traps often and take note of which traps are successful, as there may be a nest in a nearby shed or woodpile to tend to.

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