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Pest Control Tips For Urban Pests Like Rats And Roaches

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Rats are a constant threat when you live in the city. With so many people and businesses existing close together, the rodents have a steady supply of food and lots of places to find shelter. The best way to deal with a rat problem is to keep them from getting inside your house where they can cause extensive damage. A side benefit of rat prevention is that it will help keep other pests like roaches at bay too. Here are some pest control tactics you might want to implement on your property.

Pest Exclusion

Your pest control company may provide pest exclusion services so you don't have to hunt around your home for entry portals that rats and bugs can squeeze through. Exclusion is a fundamental step in keeping unwanted pests out of your home. It involves using steel wool or caulk to seal up gaps around pipes, vents, and holes in the roof or siding. Sealing holes previously used by rodents is important because rodents will follow the scent and get back in the same way. These holes may need to be covered with metal so the rodents don't chew their way inside again. Pest exclusion can be a tedious process because to be effective, even tiny holes have to be plugged so roaches, spiders, and other bugs can't find an easy way inside.

Habitat And Shelter Control

A pest control step you may need to undertake on your own is removing as many sheltered areas from your yard and home as possible. This usually entails clearing out clutter that provides a haven for all kinds of pests. Making your yard a less friendly habitat can help too. Doing things like keeping the grass trimmed and removing wet mulch that's close to your foundation will eliminate hiding places for tiny pests like roaches and mosquitoes.

Food And Water Elimination

Many pests are drawn to water sources, so repairing drips and leaks in your house is an important step in pest control. Keeping a tidy house and sealing food reduces the number of crumbs that attract pests and keep them fed. It may not be possible to eliminate all food, especially if you have a garden or fruit trees in the yard. A pest control professional can offer advice on how to protect your trees and gardens so pests leave them alone and don't use them as a convenient food source.

Working with a pest control company is the best way to stop a pest problem in its tracks and to prevent rodent and bug invasions when possible. The company may provide routine treatments and monitoring to help you coexist with urban wildlife while keeping the animals and bugs out of your home. For more information, contact a local pest control company or visit websites like https://www.bugbusterssc.net/