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Why New Mattresses Are Not Safe From Bed Bugs And How To Rectify The Situation

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Hotels and homeowners alike often think that the solution for getting rid of bed bugs is to replace all of the mattresses in the hotel or home. Unfortunately, that really does not solve the problem. In fact, you may have a much bigger problem than you anticipated. Here are some reasons why new mattresses are not safe from these pests, and how to rectify each of these horrifying situations. 

New Mattresses Have Been Found with Infestations

Some new or refurbished-like-new mattresses have been found with bed bugs already inside them. While this is a terrifying tale, it also serves as a warning to consumers to be careful with where and how they buy their mattresses.The new mattresses were made in the same factory where other mattresses were refurbished, leading to a spread of the pests to dozens more homes where people did not have an infestation before they brought home new or like-new mattresses. This is the first major reason why replacing your mattress will not necessarily eradicate your bed bug problem. 

New Mattresses Not Infested Will Become Infested IF You Do Not Take Care of the Bed Bug Problem You Have

If you already have a bed bug problem, those pests will find a way to hide out somewhere other than the mattress you are throwing away. They love the carpets, the bed posts, the nightstands next to the bed, and anywhere else they can sit and sleep during the day until you, their grand buffet, go to bed at night. If you bring a clean mattress into an infested space, you just bought the pests a new home, and they will thank you for it by dining, breeding, multiplying, and living in the new mattress. Even if you fully encase a new mattress inside a bed bug-free mattress protector, you yourself will not be protected against the pests that are still present and hiding out in your bedroom. Incidentally, they will live in and hide inside your box spring, too. 

Rectifying the Situation

The only surefire way of getting rid of bed bugs for good is to call bed bug exterminator services. Do this for the mattresses you have, and do it for the mattresses you want to buy. If you have a brand new mattress that is now infested with bed bugs, have the exterminator treat it, and then encase it. Older mattresses should still be treated before they are thrown away so that they do not continue to spread these pests throughout your neighborhood or unintentionally introduce them to your garbage collectors.