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Natural Tips To Keep Wasps Away

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Wasps are no joke. Their stings are painful, and they can be devastating to contend with. Are you trying to keep wasps away from your home? These tips will help you along the way.

Find the Nests

Wasps make nests around the outside of a home, and they can eventually work their way inside. The first step to getting rid of wasps is to walk around your home's perimeter and look for signs of wasp nests, such as broken paneling, loose siding, and other holes in your home. They can even burrow in window screens. You can use a spray purchased from any home goods store to try to eliminate nests and kill the wasps living there.

If you do try to kill the wasps and get rid of the nests on your own, make sure to wear heavy clothing while you do it. Spray a steady stream of the liquid at the nest for several seconds, and then back away quickly to get away from any escaping wasps.

Be Aware of Attractions

Did you know that some of the items, like food, in your yard could attract wasps? If you have a barbecue or picnic outside, it is in your best interest to put the food away immediately after everybody is done eating. Wasps love to snack on many of the same foods that you do, after all.

Other types of food, including hummingbird feeders, are also attractions for wasps and other pests. You might want to bring the feeders inside when you have people enjoying the backyard.

Floral smells are also another major attraction lurking in your yard. It's not only natural flowers that can attract wasps. Floral scents like perfumes and lotions can also bring out the pests. Avoid wearing these fragrances when you work outside your home.

Plant Deterrents Around the House

The plants that you have outside your home could help prevent wasps from making your home their own. You might consider planting lemongrass, thyme, spearmint, citronella, and eucalyptus to be safe.

If you are unable to plant things around the house, you might try to use different types of oils instead. Peppermint essential oil is commonly used to repel wasps and other types of pests. You can simply drop the oil onto cotton balls and then place the cotton around the outside of the home. Wasps will stay away.

Wasps are a major pest, and you do not want to deal with them. With this advice, you can protect your family from stings and all the pain that comes with it. For more information, contact a company that offers pest control services in your area.