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How Termite Control Bait Systems Annihilate Termites From Your Property

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Termites are a nuisance that has to be neutralized. Fortunately, many pest control companies have arrived at a practical way to get rid of them. Instead of drilling and trenching, technicians install termite bait station monitors. The monitors are plastic tubes that are placed evenly with the surface of the ground in your home. For good measure, the tubes are green in color and thus they blend into lawn grass. Technicians cover the monitors with a slight layer of mulch in order to disguise where they are placed. The tubes have a locking cap that makes them child-resistant. Overall, these termite control bait systems annihilate these pests from your property

How The Baiting System Works

A chosen bait is inserted into cellulose material within the tubes. Termites come across the bait tubes and access them to feed on the contents therein. They can even haul away some of the bait and deposit it in their colony that's on the ground. At that location, they unknowingly feed the material to other termites and their queen. The bait eventually reduces the inhabitants of the colony. Once the set-up of the bait is complete, trained termite technicians begin checking out the bait monitors a few times a year. The technicians then evaluate termite activity and replace bait, which has been consumed by termites in the colony, if necessary. 

Set-Up Termite Barriers Do The Job

The barriers your technician places on the ground are a very effective way of getting rid of these pests. Termites are unable to detect the termiticide bait that ends up killing them. The pests simply consume the bait and won't try to avoid it. The bait, which is laden with termiticide, later kills them. When one termite has contact with another termite, it infects that other termite. Before long, the termiticide acts as a major supplier of the bait by passing it along to others.

Use The Services Of A Pest Control Company

It's best for you to use the services of a professional pest control company to investigate a termite colony you may have just discovered in your yard. These pests have the capacity to destroy your home's foundation very quickly. Doing it yourself is less effective than using a professional pest control company. Company technicians bring in products and equipment plus their expertise as they go to work finding out the pests' entry points. They identify colonies of termites on your property. Technicians immediately create a treatment plan that tackles termites and kill them. Contact a company that can set up a termite control bait system for more information.